The supplier of NC membranes

The modes of NC membrane brands are as follows:

  1. Pall (US)
  2. Millipore(US),M135(with /without backing) M180(with /without backing )
  3. Whatman and SS,Puraband impuraband
  4. Sartorius(Germany),CN140
  5. YiNeng(China),8um 6um
  6. MDI(India),8um 6um

Speak of these suppiliers, we need to introduce the history of the NC mebrane development. It is known that SS was the originator of the membrane market and the Millipore,Sartorius ,together with Whatman are the offsprings . The SS was purchased by the Whatman during the competition because of the worse modes of business operation .Anyway, the products’ qualities of AE99 and AE98 of the SS are very good.
Recently variety types of new films have been brought in, for instance ,MDI, which being producted in India, has a close connection to the India gold strips production.
The inside YiNeng membrane industry has low cost while the freatures are smiliar with the imported films which can be used in the production of HCG products after some optimization of targeted. Although localized production  has become a tendency ,we need face at major problem such as the movements of delivery room migration.
The sales mode of are all level marketing except some need to be purchased through business agents. The price of Pall, Millipore and Whatman are almost the same ,the Sartorius will be cheaper and the domestic goods are the least cheap. In the field of scientific research market , Pall and Millipore are the most popular . Moreover, Millipore Hatman and Sartorius have possession of a considerable. YiNeng has owned some factory clients now ,which has a profound prospect according to the current situation.